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10 Sep

I love reading other bloggers “things we love” posts & learning about new products, brands & what is working for them, so here at Mama Going Natural we decided to do our own “Things we are loving” post to share some of our favourite finds.

And of course just to be in keeping with our blog all of our “loves” can either be eaten or help you to look fabulous while still being good for you 🙂

green people

I get asked a lot about what I do with my hair, as I obviously tried the whole “No Poo” thing only to end up with pooey hair!! I haven’t really shared much about what I do, as I am constantly changing what I use as I tried to find a shampoo/conditioner system that was non toxic & works for my hair!!

But my search is over now that I have found Green People Moisturising Shampoo & conditioner – I love these products (so does Kate Moss – by the way!!). They are mostly organic & were developed by a Mum for her two year old daughter who suffered from eczema & chemical sensitivities. They smell fantastic (Orange blossom anyone??) so clean & fresh & leave my hair light & glossy without being fluffy & fly away. Anyone with curly hair will know that the line between soft & silky & fluffy & fly away is way too close for comfort. The shampoo cleans without stripping your hair, but still removes product build up & the conditioner leaves your hair feeling lush & silky. I am in love!!

A little product seems to go along way too – which is great for the budget.


Its coming into summer here in Australia, so you know what that means, summer dresses, shorts & of course the very scary bathing suit….For instant confidence just add tan, but how do you do that naturally & safely??

Enter Tan Organic the only certified organic self tanning range that comes in an oil formula that leaves you with silky soft skin. This stuff is magic, it takes minutes to apply, rubs in perfectly (so no streaks) leaves your skin smelling & feeling fantastic & best of all it dries within minutes so your not hanging out nude in your bathroom trying to keep the kids at bay!

It gives you a nice glowing tan that looks 100% natural & can be layered to achieve more of a bronze look, I found that I needed two applications to really notice a difference & achieve the level of tan that I like, but because it is so easy to apply & nourishing for your skin adding extra layers is easy peasy. I found that my tan lasted well & once you have achieved your desired level of tan, a little top up once a week keeps your skin glowing.

So guess who is going to be rocking a nice tan this summer……, courtesy of Tan Organics 🙂


Now of course it wouldn’t be a list of things I love without including something edible, as I love food!!

And my new love is Paleo Pure Muesli, this stuff is super yummy – yeah I know what your thinking…….its muesli! How good can muesli really taste?

Well let me tell you this stuff tastes so good, you will be eating it by the spoonful straight from the packet, just like we do in this household. I am yet to try it with any fruit, milk or yoghurt, it never seems to make its way into the bowl, we have gobbled up all the muesli before we have time to add anything.

It is the perfect 3pm blues snack, I often sit at my desk with a little jar of Paleo Pure goodness and best of all I don’t have to feel guilty about my little snack because it is 100% Organic, gluten free, refined sugar free & filled with healthy fats, nuts & seeds to keep my energy levels up.

I can not tell you how yummy this stuff is, you will just have to try it for yourself. It comes in 6 flavours (our favourite is apple & cinnamon – we can’t go past the soft, sweet pieces of dehydrated apple with the crunchy nutty base) so try some today.

Paleo Pure


And lastly but by no means least we are loving Oil Arganic. This stuff is fantastic, I have to admit to not really getting into the whole argan oil craze. I tried a few products & was a little ho hum about the whole thing, that was until I tried Oil Arganic, this stuff is amazing it is moisturising but dries within minutes, leaves no oily streaks, just leaves you looking healthy & glossy. I love it as an after shaving moisturiser for my legs as it soaks in straight away & leaves my skin soft, supple & glowing without the worry of any oil residue getting on my clothes.

But the true magic of this stuff is that it is not just great as a body moisturiser, it is a one stop shop, its great for your hair, face, body, stretch marks & scars. And best of all it is 100% natural & certified organic. You can add it to your bath, add a few drops to your favourite make up or just rub a few drops through your hair for glossy, healthy looking hair. All you need is a few drops, so it will last forever & who doesn’t love the idea of that?

Well thats it for now, these are our latest loves & what’s working for us in our world 🙂

We hope to be able to share our “new loves” with you on a regular basis, so if you find something amazing you think we should share feel free to drop us a line & share the love.


In the interest of honesty we do receive free sample products from time to time, but all opinions are unpaid & expressly my own. I would not endorse anything that I did not 100% love & believe in.



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