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Mrs Tink Reviews MG Naturals

23 Jan

Latest product review from the lovely Mrs Tink – be sure to check out her Blog & enter her giveaway. She has a Mineral Foundation in Creamy Natural to give away!

I’m a girly girl I love my make up and I love trying new things, the older I get the more I rely on my make up especially a good foundation one that covers up all the tiredness and stress but still looks natural. When I started speaking with the lovely Kailah from MG Minerals I was super keen to try all their beautiful products because unlike half of my make up bag all their products are organic. I try to eat organic and use organic products on Miss 7 months and Master 5 so why not use it on my own skin ?
I was excited to try, to see how it would compare to my current foundation.


On day 1 of the trial I laid all my new products out from MG Minerals and I was nervous because usually I use more than 3 products…I wait with baited…

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