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Instagram Competition Winner

29 Jun

Congratulations to Emma Kate the first Winner of our Monthly Instagram Love Competition

Emma won $40 of MG Natural products for posting a picture of herself with her MG Natural products & tagging @mgnaturals #happybeauty be sure to enter this month

– you could be our next winner

simply purchase samples of our great Titanium Dioxide free make up for only $2.50 each including postage 🙂 then get posting to Instagram


Review by Marah of the living the thrifty life blog

23 Jun

Hello, everyone! I am always trying new products and love finding great natural products that really work. I was sent Airbrush Miracle Foundation in ‘Bronze Glow’, ‘Warm Honey’ (which I think is a finishing powder but it could also be another Foundation), ‘Blushing Rose’ (blush) and Blushing Bronze’ (blush) from M G Naturals on Etsy.

I was sent two cards along with these products that have some great information on them. Let me just say first that these products are organic. Another thing that really got my attention on the card is that they do NOT use Titanium Dioxide in their makeup.

Some of you may be wondering what Titanium Dioxide is, well basically it is a carcinogen. Now what is carcinogen? It is a substance that is CAPABLE of causing cancer in living tissue. So the fact that these products do not have that is REALLY AWESOME! The other card I received has the directions and ingredients.

Now for the fun stuff! First I tried they Airbrush Mineral Foundation in ‘Bronze Glow’.


I just have to say this is a really gorgeous color and it does have a slight shimmer, however the shimmer does fade after buffing this out on your face. I just used a regular powder brush to apply this foundation, and it worked just fine. The foundation is a powder– so just remember that. It was very easy to blend out over my entire face and extremely build-able. You could wear this as a light or medium coverage, or I would even go to length of saying you could build this foundation to a full coverage.

I normally go for a full coverage foundation, and I could see myself using this on days that I just don’t want to put on all of my makeup.

Next, I used the ‘Warm Honey’, I am guessing this is a finishing powder but it could be another foundation color. I, however, used it as just a finishing powder, to help lighten the foundation and buff it out even more. It worked for me, and the ‘Warm Honey’ color was a good finishing powder just for me and that is what I personally would use it for. Again this was a great powder it was soft on my skin and really did what I wanted it to do.

Next, I used the ‘Blushing Bronze’ as a bronzer. I was so surprised by this color, in the packaging it looks like a pink with maybe a hint of brown but it when on my skin more like a really light bronzer. I could hardly see the pink in it once I actually used it on my skin. I really liked this product and would use it on the days that I just need a little color to my face but don’t want anything too dramatic.


Lastly, I used the ‘Blushing Rose’ as my blush. This is my favorite product that I was sent. It has GREAT pigmentation, and is so GORGEOUS. It reminds me of a NARS blush, judging by the coloring. NARS blushes are very pretty and pigmented, and this is what ‘Blushing Rose’ reminds me of. I would use this every day, regardless if I was wearing a full face of makeup or hardly any makeup at all. I LOVE it!


Overall, I really enjoyed all the products that I was sent. I would recommend them to anyone, especially teens that want a good makeup to give coverage, but is also buildable if you are seeking that. My favorite product out of all of them is quite obviously the ‘Blushing Rose’; I just love the color. Please check out M G Naturals on Etsy.


Review by the Natural New Age Mum Sonia Donaldson

15 Jun

2015/01/img_9470.png We were very lucky to have our MG Naturals range featured by the Natural New Age Mum in her latest post on Natural make up. To try our range for yourself visit our website mg naturals today. ♥ MG Naturals MG Naturals stands for Mama Going Natural and is also Kailah, a natural new age mum from Queensland. Her range is fairly new and it’s available online. You can get foundation, BB cream, blusher and lip glaze. MG Naturals are all cruelty free, vegan, chemical free, hydrating & soothing and they are one of the few brands in the world who don’t use Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride or Magnesium Stearate in their make up lines. My daughter and I tested the BB cream and we like it. It’s a very sheer, light coverage so it’s good for her to wear to school as it doesn’t look like you are wearing make up but still gives a nice polished look. It was a little too sheer for me so I needed another application. It feels heavenly on your skin though – very light and in fact I forgot I was wearing it! MG Naturals is very reasonably priced with the foundations at $24.95 for 30ml and the lip glazes at just $9.95 for 15ml. To read Sonia’s full write up on the make up brands she loves visit here

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