Whitening your teeth with Activated Charcoal

10 Aug

I have yellow teeth………….yep, sad but true!


Lovely Yellow teeth – check out those beauties!!

I am always on the hunt for natural, healthy ways to return that pearly lustre to my poor old yellowing teeth. I have tried brushing my teeth with powdered Tumeric, but to be honest, all I ended up with for my efforts was a bright orange toothbrush. But I love Activated Charcoal for skin conditions, so after doing some research I thought why not see if it works at whitening my poor old teeth.

Am I crazy using a black powder to whiten my teeth, maybe?

But Activated Charcoal loves tannins. And tannins can be found in tea, coffee, chocolate, wine & most things that stain your teeth. The idea is that the charcoal will absorb the tannins from the surface of your teeth without leaching the calcium salts your teeth enamel is made from. So you get whitening without damaging your teeth. Which is a win in my book!!


After picture, they are whiter after only one application 🙂

Activated Charcoal for whitening your teeth a’la Mama Going Natural

  • half teaspoon activated charcoal
  • 1 teaspoon water

Mix your charcoal & water together to make a very appetising looking slurry.

Brush your teeth in the usual way.

Now for the fun bit, I use my fingertips to apply the lovely slurry to the front of my teeth, I don’t rub it in too much as I find it quite abrasive & I don’t want to rub off my tooth enamel! I then hold the slurry infront of my teeth for as long as I feel I can stand it (about five minutes) before rinsing well, very well & re-brushing my teeth.

It’s not an overnight solution but if your willing to put in the effort & put up with charcoal in your mouth, I think its worth it 🙂

I recommend doing this twice a week to maintain your pearly whites.



One Response to “Whitening your teeth with Activated Charcoal”

  1. Anna Tan August 11, 2015 at 11:37 am #

    Good thinking and easy recipe. Thank you!

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