MG Naturals Gives back with Kiva Loans

19 Oct


We are very excited to announce that a portion from every sale of MG Natural products is now being donated to worthy female entrepreneurs across the globe with Kiva loans

Who is Kiva?
Kiva is a fantastic organisation, that connects people like you & us with budding entrepreneurs in third world countries, where for as little as $25 we can help them achieve their dreams & take control of their financial future.
You get to choose who you help & how much you want to donate & then overtime at no interest your recipient pays the loan back & you can re-lend your money again to another worthy entrepeneur, all without Kiva using a cent of your money to fund their operations.
Love the idea, then visit them today & start your own account or just buy more MG Naturals products & we will do it for you 🙂

Why do we donate to Kiva?                                                                                                                   We wanted a way to give back, to say thank you for all the good fortune & success we have had here at MG Naturals, a little cosmic tithing if you will…. and Kiva came along.
We love Kiva because we get to be in control, but most of all because in a small way we (with your help) are helping to change the cycle of poverty & helplessness for women across the globe.
We are terribly sexist! & only choose women entrepreneurs as we believe that women need empowering the most in our society.
This model is so fantastic because they aren’t just being given a gift, or thrown a fish. We are lending them money to buy more line so they can keep catching their own fish.
We are enabling women, families & communities to feel empowered to take control of their own destinies & break the cycle of poverty.

How do we donate to Kiva?
Technically speaking we don’t – you do!!
Every single purchase of MG Natural products you make we take a portion of the proceeds & loan it out on Kiva.
So everytime you make a purchase you are not only making a difference to our lives & supporting Organic, Vegan, Chemical free business, you are also helping to make a difference to a woman half a world away as she too tries to make her way in the world & provide for her family.
Good on You!!

Every MG Natural Purchase you make helps to increase our loan account, so together we can help more women reach their dreams



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