Welcome to the Mama Going Natural Beauty & Personal Care Recipe Archive

Your “Go To” spot for natural beauty recipes that work, leave you glowing & contain No Nasties!!

Decadent Wrinkle Busting Eye Cream that you can make at home

At home Beauty treatment – save yourself a tonne of money with our At home Micro-dermabrasion

My favourite CLEANSER ever – Oats, almond & milk clay cleansing bar – heaven for your skin

Gentle oil free Almond Cleanser

Whipped Body Butter – makes beautiful gifts

Whiten your teeth naturally with activated charcoal

Super Easy Hair Styling Gel made from stuff you will already have in your pantry

How to make hard lotion bars – a great & easy gift idea

Get luscious thick eyelashes with our serum

Fight gum disease with healing gums toothpaste

Yummy Spiced lip scrub

How to make your own Finger Lip Gloss

Revitalise your skin with our vitamin C serum,

How to make your own natural leave in conditioner & detangler spray

How to make your own natural toothpaste

Natural, safe facial cleansing wipes

Natural deodorant that works!!

The best ever non-greasy Light moisturiser

Hair Styling cream & leave in conditioner for controlling fly aways

2 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. Pat Salem January 4, 2017 at 12:04 am #

    I really enjoyed reading about, and want to try your recepies. Do you have suggestions for where to find things like emulsifying wax, and some different types of bottles? thanks!!

    • mamagoingnatural January 4, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

      Hi, I love eBay for small orders, you can buy just about everything & you can get small amounts instead of having to place bulk orders. Hope this helps.

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