Mineral Foundation



 Mineral Foundation powder $29.95

For a limited time we have samples available for you to try for only $2 each including postage.

This creamy, hydrating mineral powder foundation is pure perfection.
All natural & light-as-air it glides on effortlessly & blends in with your complexion, to minimise redness, even out discolouration & leave you glowing.

It’s perfect for those even with the most sensitive of skins, containing none of the known allergens that are present in other mineral foundations but only the finest natural & organic based ingredients found on the market today.

Our foundation contains zinc oxide to soothe your skin and special reflective silk mica that diffuse light & help to minimise imperfections while giving your skin a subtle healthy glow.

IVORY FAIR – is our lightest colour & is best suited to those with very fair skin tones

LUMINOUS LIGHT – has a beautiful neutral tone that suits most fair skins with a little warmth

CREAMY NATURAL – is our beautiful light neutral medium tone that will suit most skin types

MEDIUM GLOW – is perfect for those with slightly warm, summer tan complexions

WARM HONEY – is our lovely warm, tanned colour that looks great on those with warm skin tones.

BRONZE GLOW – Great for complimenting your summer tan or to fake a nice summer glow.

*Cruelty Free
*Huge 12 gram size


Mineral Powder Foundation $29.95


Why is Airbrush Miracle Loose Mineral Foundation so good?
*100% bismuth, boron nitride & titanium dioxide free – no itching, irritation or redness
*Natural sunblock with a high SPF rating
*Sweat resistant, yet allows the skin to breathe
*Contains oils and antioxidants to help improve skin texture
*Cosmetic-grade ingredients will not clog pores
*Ingredients help to bind moisture to the skin, so it is not drying
*Convenient sized container, perfect for your handbag

Why NO Titanium Dioxide?
All of our products contain no Titanium Dioxide as it’s a chemically produced product (not “organic ” at all) & there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that it is a carcinogen & not photo-stable (meaning that when you expose it to light on your face it creates free radicals that in turn ravage your skin cells) not good if you want to keep your youthful complexion!

Do we use any Nano Particles?
We use absolutely no nano particles or any ingredients that have been adulterated with nano technology.

What are people saying about our Loose Mineral Powder?

“I love this! Fabulous mineral powder – I will be ordering more! Thanks !”

“Gorgeous foundation nice coverage, such nice service”

“Cons: NONE! Pros: 1.)TD & junk free! 2.)soft shimmer blends perfectly with skin and minimizes imperfections 3.)perfect medium that is not “orangey” or “brown” as can happen with other brands. I am very pale in winter (this brand’s “Light”). I have an odd skin tone (mixed Asian, Native American, European, and Middle Eastern) near impossible to match, but shockingly this does the trick!!! A true neutral 🙂 4.) Covers even the worst breakouts 5.)Somehow fine enough to cover undereye circles w/out emphasizing wrinkles(Hard technique to master, but does work w/this prod.) I’m coming back for more!”

“I was worried about not having a great deal of colour choice, but this powder seems to blend in & take on the tones of your skin, making it the perfect shade for me & my flatmate although we have very different skin tones. The coverage is fantastic it is somewhat matte but gives your skin a sheer look. It looks like your skin only better!! I love this stuff!!”

Zinc Oxide, Silk Mica, Pearl Mica, Organic Rose Essential oil, Organic Apricot Kernel Seed oil, Organic Kaolin Clay, Organic Vanilla Essential oil, Iron Oxide +/-

Why do we have so many different products & what do they all do?

Our Make Up as Skin Care philosophy ensures we have a product & formulation to suit all skin types.

Airbrush Miracle Beauty Balm Cream offers a highly nourishing & moisturising BB cream with a light colour coverage

Airbrush Miracle “Summer Formula” Beauty Balm Cream offers a soothing & hydrating lighter cream with a light colour coverage

Airbrush Miracle Foundation offers a light, breathable no make up feel product with medium colour coverage that can be used on bare skin or after applying your favourite moisturiser.

Airbrush Miracle Loose Mineral Foundation is our Titanium Dioxide Free mineral powder that is perfect for use over any of our other products or on its own. The mineral foundation can be buffed on to the skin layer by layer to leave a beautiful sheer coverage or a more full coverage depending on your preference.

All of our liquid products can be used in conjunction with our 6 different Airbrush Miracle Mineral Powder Foundations to build up the coverage to suit you best. You can use the powder on an eyeshadow brush to spot conceal or all over with a kabuki brush to add more coverage – the choice is yours!

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