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Peppermint Foot Lotion

24 Jun

Now that its winter here in Australia (& maybe because I am getting older!) I am finding it necessary to moisturise my tootsies to keep them in strappy shoe shape all year round.

So instead of buying a foot lotion that is filled with all sorts of nasties I decided to make me own & the recipe was such a roaring success I have decided to share it with you all.


This lotion is light, fluffy & super easy to make. It is slightly greasy & doesn’t disappear into your skin, but leaves a nice slight barrier that gives your tootsies a nice glow about them. Never fear though its not so greasy that you can only apply it at night with socks!. I have been applying mine after showering & then waiting ten minutes to put my shoes on & have found that my skin absorbs it nicely. And my tootsies? Well they are looking ten years younger – at least!!

Actually I have a confession to make, I love this lotion so much I have made it with Rose Geranium essential oil instead of peppermint & have a large jar of it on my bathroom counter as a post shaving balm, hand cream, elbow & even dare I say it face cream!!

I love this stuff!! So experiment with it, you may find you want to make several pots of it with different scents & use it as your go to lotion like we currently are.


Peppermint Foot Lotion a’la Mama Going Natural

  • 1/4 c coconut oil
  • 2 T Emulsifying wax
  • 1 c Aloe vera juice
  • 1 T shea butter
  • 4 T cocoa butter
  • 20 drops peppermint essential oil

The easiest way I have found to make lotions at home is to use two mason jars & place them in a pot of simmering water.

In jar 1 place your coconut oil, wax, shea butter & cocoa butter

In jar 2 place your aloe vera juice or water

Heat both jars in your simmering water until the contents of jar 1 have melted & mixed together.

Take your jars off the heat & pour the contents of jar 1 into a blender, or stick blender container, blend your mix as you add in the liquid ingredients from jar 2. Blend your lotion for at least 3 minutes continuously. It should start to thicken as it cools, keep blending it from time to time to ensure that your lotion stays nice & whipped. Once your lotion feels like it is at body temperature add your essential oils & blend one last time.

Pour into clean jars & keep the bulk of your lotion in the fridge as it has no preservative & will go off otherwise. We keep a small jar on the bathroom bench & the rest in the fridge & just keep topping up our counter jar.

Have fun with this lotion & experiment with your essential oil blends, trust me you will love this stuff!





Oats, almond & milk Clay cleansing Bar

16 Feb

clay-cleansing-bar-2If your skin feels dry & tight after cleansing then this is the Cleansing Bar for you, it will leave your skin supple, moisturised & clean. I have been using it now for about two weeks & it is by far my favourite cleansing product EVER & that is saying something!

When I first started using it I was worried that it would be too moisturising & that I might be left with oily, greasy skin. But that has not been the case at all – my skin is hydrated, supple & smooth, if anything I feel like my skin looks clearer & cleaner!

This cleansing bar is so good for your skin because its packed full of skin goodies like hydrating cocoa butter, soothing shea butter, moisturising rice bran oil, deep cleansing kaolin clay, exfoliating almond meal, rejuvenating oats & anti-aging milk.

This is my new absolute favourite cleanser 🙂

So give it a go, your skin will Thank you for it!

Oats, almond & milk Clay cleansing Bar a’la Mama Going Natural

  • 40gm Cocoa butter
  • 20gm Shea butter
  • 30gm rice bran oil
  • 40gm Kaolin clay
  • 30gm powdered oats
  • 20gm milk powder
  • 10gm Almond Meal
  • 7 drops of Rose Geranium essential oil

First begin by powdering your oats in a blender or coffee grinder, try to make them as fine as you can or they will add a scrub like quality to your cleansing bar (but this is fine if you prefer to have a scrub-like consistency).

Measure out your cocoa butter, shea butter & rice bran oil & place them in a double boiler to gently melt on the stovetop.

While your butters are melting, measure out your clay, oats, milk powder & almond meal & place in a bowl. Once your butters have melted stir the mixture into your dry ingredients & combine well. Add your Rose Geranium essential oil & then pour your mix into your moulds. I use silicon cup cake & chocolate moulds as they make it super easy to pop your bars out once they have set in the fridge.


To Use:

Ensure that you keep your cleansing bars dry so that they don’t go off as the bars contain no preservatives. The Bars are best kept wrapped in paper in the fridge & then just slice off a small amount for each application.

Moisten face, soften your piece of bar in your fingers then gently massage into your face & rinse off with warm water. If I am wearing make up I also wipe my face down with a face cloth to ensure that all make up residue is removed.



DIY Whipped Body Butter

20 Nov

This body butter is devine, it looks & smells good enough to eat & is so simple  to make!!


All wrapped up in pretty jars it will make the most gorgeous Christmas Gifts.


Rather than purchasing gifts for our loved ones this year Miss Two & I have decided to hand make treats for all our friends & family, so there will be a few jars of this under our tree.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can customise it to suit the ingredients you have & the people you are making it for. Make it with just cocoa butter & peppermint essential oil for a Mocha whip, make it with just shea butter & lavender for families with young children.

I used the combination of shea & cocoa butter because I love the smell & moisturising properties of the cocoa butter & the soothing, healing properties of the shea butter. You can substitute the apricot oil for what ever you have on hand, I used apricot oil because the butters & coconut oil are quite heavy & create a layer on the skin while apricot oil soaks in making the butter a little less greasy.

But be warned this is decadent stuff, it is light & fluffy but very moisturising, its great for dry heels, knees & sand papery elbows!! Great for a post shaving, waxing cream – possibly not so good as a face moisturiser!!

So get in your kitchen & have some fun!!

Whipped Body Butter a’la Mama Going Natural

  • 1/2 c coconut oil
  • 1/2 c cocoa butter
  • 1/2 c shea butter
  • 1/2 c apricot kernel oil
  • 1 t Vitamin E oil
  • 10 – 15 drops essential oils (I used 10 drops Rose Geranium oil, 3 drops Sweet Orange oil, 2 drops Neroli oil

Place coconut oil, shea butter & cocoa butter into a double boiler to melt (I just use a mason jar in a saucepan of boiling water).

Once the butters are melted, take your double boiler (or jar) off the heat & let it cool to room temperature & add in the apricot kernel oil, Vitamin E oil & essential oils. Stir in well & then place to set a little in the fridge for an hour, let it set but not till its hard like a lotion bar.

Then its time to whip it!! Either using a cake mixer or stick blender (I used the whisk attachment on my stick blender & it worked a treat). Whip it for 5 or so minutes until you make what looks like yummy whipped cream that smells good enough to eat.

Pour it into pretty containers & ENJOY


BEWARE your whip does not like heat, it should keep well in most bathroom cupboards but if its left in the sun – it will melt & loose its whipped texture!! If this happens refridgerate it till firm & re-whip it & it will be as good as new.


Home made Lotion Bars – great homemade gifts

20 Oct


As Christmas fast approaches we are starting the fun of trialing different natural treats that we can make for all of our friends & family this festive season.

These lotion bars are super easy to make & don’t require any fancy equipment, they can be made using a muffin tray, cupcake pans or any empty containers you have lying around.

The bars are solid at room temperature & when rubbed onto your skin a tiny amount melts leaving a thin veil of moisturising butter & oil on your skin. They smell devine & feel silky smooth to touch – they are a real treat for dry skin.

Using our basic Lotion Bar recipe you can tailor make a bar for your loved ones by using different oils, butters & essential oils. Although they are a slightly feminine gift you can make a more masculine versionswith essential oils of cedarwood & tea tree oil to create a manly smelling lotion bar that would have antiseptic qualities.

Our Sweet Orange lotion bar is a great sweet smelling all round lotion bar with the added bonus of honey & soothing shea butter. While our Mocha Mint lotion bars are great for massaging into cellulite &  sore & tired shoulders – the coffee beans embedded through the bar create a lovely massaging sensation as you rub them over the skin & they have the added benefit of smelling like heaven 🙂

Sweet Orange Lotion Bars a’la Mama Going Natural

  • 2 teaspoons organic honey
  • 50 grams beeswax
  • 40 grams shea nut butter
  • 40 grams coconut oil
  • 10 drops of orange essential oil
  • 4 drops of geranium essential oil

Place wax, shea butter & coconut oil in a glass or ceramic jar or container – set this in a pot of simmering water to melt. Once they have all melted together take your mix out of the hot water & let cool slightly & add your honey & essential oils, stirring well. Pour into your moulds & let cool for 24 hours to set well. I find silicon muffin moulds work really well for this as the bars just pop right out. If you have trouble removing your lotion bars from the moulds set them in the freezer for a few hours to set hard & they should come out much easier. The recipe should make 4 muffin size lotion bars.

Mocha Mint Butt Bar a’la Mama Going Natural

  • 50 grams beeswax
  • 40 grams cocoa butter
  • 40 grams sweet almond oil
  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 4 Tablespoons of coffee beans

Make as with the Sweet Orange lotion bars, except after you have poured your mixture into the moulds top with 1 tablespoon of coffee beans for each mould.

lotion bars 2

Go forth & create yummy lotion bars – your family will love you 🙂


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