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Natural leave in conditioner, hair detangler recipe

11 Apr

We are slaves to hair products in this household. Each morning we slather on lotions & potions that claim to stop frizz, moisturise & repair damage, but all they seem to do, is cost a small fortune & have a list of ingredients that require a chemistry degree to decipher – not a good sign  as far as this Mama who is trying to go all natural is concerned.

So in the spirit of going natural we have ditched our chemical concoctions & their claims of beauty & glamour in favour of making our own simple natural leave in hair conditioner.

We have been looking for an all-rounder product that will tame my unruly curly hair & detangle “little Miss’s” mop, a tall order, but I think we have finally found a winner. This leave in conditioner leaves our hair soft, shiny, healthy and smooth – now I sound like a commercial for the products I used to buy 🙂


Leave in Hair Conditioner a’la Mama Going Natural

  • Spray bottle – feel free to re-purpose one of your old hair products spray bottles – you will get bonus good earth karma 🙂
  • 2 T water soluble almond oil  – if you don’t have water soluble oil you can use plain cold pressed but you will need to shake the conditioner more vigorously each time you use it to mix in the oil
  • 1 T coconut oil
  • 150ml filtered or bottled water – the purer the better
  • 5 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 4 drops lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 2 drops rosemary essential oil

Combine all of the ingredients in your spray bottle & viola you have hair magic


You can fragrance this leave in conditioner with any essential oils you have on hand. I use citrus scents as I like fresh smells & “little Miss” has a penchant for putting her dinner bowl on her head (still!) so the citrus scents help to hide the multitude of sins hiding in her locks until bath time. But any combination of essential oils would work – traditionally chammomile is recommended for blondes & rosemary for brunettes.

I use water soluble almond oil as it disperses much more readily in the water creating a more even coverage in the conditioner. You can use pure cold pressed almond oil or any lighter oil you have on hand but you will have to be sure to vigorously shake the leave in conditioner before you use it to ensure you don’t end up with just oil at the bottom of the spray bottle.

Because this is a natural oil in water emulsion without any chemical emulsifiers or preservatives (yuk!) the product does need a little shake before use & should be made in small batches & used up quickly. We have used ours for over a month so far & not noticed any spoilage.

With curly hair I prefer to spray it all over damp hair & then brush it through, with “little Miss’s” hair I spray it straight on dry hair & then comb it through. Because the almond oil is water soluble the conditioner doesn’t build up in your hair & washes out easily.

Our household is loving this simple leave in conditioner & we hope you love it as much as we do.


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